Why You Need Us

Most individuals, as they begin thinking about the final part of their life journeys, worry about:

  • becoming a burden on their family and friends should they lose physical or mental capacity;
  • running out of money and resources and thus becoming a ward of the state;
  • having their children fight over the disposition of property or the health  care decisions that they need to make on behalf of mom and dad; and
  • being isolated and cut off from family, friends, and even society, whether they age at home or in an institution.

Unfortunately, these fears (and many others) are real.

However, we are here for the sole purpose of helping our clients understand, prioritize and take appropriate actions, within their individual means and resources, to mitigate each of these fears and risks, and all of the other issues that they might not have even considered.

Our mission is to help educate individuals on all aspects of retirement, aging, end-of-life, and estate and legacy issues. After a general understanding of all of the rules and options, we can then assist in the legal documentation needed to maximize the chances of enjoying Dignity, Independence, Proactivity, Purpose and Autonomy during life's final ROAD (Retirement, Old Age,and Dying, plus Estate and Legacy).

What Can We Do For You?

Services for
Individuals and Families

Planning for Your Estate and Legacy

Acting as your
Outside Legal Counsel 

Collaboration on Projects, Education, and Advocacy 

Planning for Your
Retirement and Old Age

Advising on
Your Fiduciary  Duties

All Aspects of Retirement Planning Education 

Services for
Professionals and Colleagues